Drug Raid in Hidden Valley, New Group to Blame

100 charges against 18 suspects, six on the run

CHARLOTTE, NC — Police say 18 men are facing nearly 100 combined charges for their roles in a suspected in a Hidden Valley drug ring.

Six of them are still wanted as of Wednesday night. To see photos of those suspects, click here.

On the 12 men police arrested, they say they found 100 grams of crack cocaine, weed, ecstasy, seven guns and one assault rifle.

“We don’t like any violence to tell the truth about it,” said Marilyn Black. “Like I said, we been here for years.”
Black has lived in Hidden Valley for nearly 40 years.

In 2014 police say violent crimes spiked to more than 50 robberies and assaults. Officers say much of it stemmed from drug deals. That prompted this eight month sting to take down the trade.

Detectives say the group goes by ICEE Money, also a record label.

“It’s going to be safer for you. It’s it’s gonna be safer for me. It’s gonna be safer for every citizen that lives in Hidden Valley and adjacent communities and the entire county,” said CMPD Capt. Rob Dance.

This roundup was law enforcement’s third initiative to stop violence in the area, and they say it won’t be the last. Residents still have monthly crime watch meetings and keep police informed when they see crime re surging.

Police say two of the suspects in this drug raid, Wendell McCain and James Ratliff, used to be prominent in the Hidden Valley Kings gang. Ratliff is still on the run as of Wednesday night.

“These are dangerous people,” said Capt. Dance.

CMPD busted up the Kings through an injunction that allowed officers to arrest members simply hanging out together.

Since that expired in 2014, police have had to focus on stopping crime by targeting the drug trade here.

“I’m glad to hear that,” said Black. “We need a nice place to stay in raise our kids and grand kids.”

Police need your help to find the last six suspects wanted in the drug ring raid:
DeAngelo Phillips, 25.
Trenton O’Bryant Jeter, 26.
Ronald Dean Coleman, Jr., 31.
James David Ratliff, 25.
Dale Mathews, 24.
Darius Robinson, 35.