Exclusive: One on One With Real Housewives Of Atlanta Star NeNe Leakes!

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – The Queen of reality TV has come to the Queen city! NeNe Leakes from Real Housewives of Atlanta kicked off her one woman comedy show in Charlotte.

Leakes stopped by WCCB News for an exclusive interview with Amanda Fitzpatrick and dishes the dirt on her new gig, Donald Trump and more.

When  I  saw that Nene Leakes was going to do a comedy show,  I  was like oh, she’s hosting it, I  was wondering who was headlining, who’s going to do the comedy?

“I don’t consider myself a comedian. What I’m going to be basically doing is telling stories and we’ll laugh along the way,” says Leakes. “Despite fallout from House Bill Two, I had a lot of people on social media asking, you’re going to North Carolina?  hy would you go to North Carolina after the law that was passed,” says Leakes. “It’s unfortunate, I love my gays and I think they love me. I think they’ll be here to support me I had so many saying I’ll be sitting front and center tonight.”

Dishing the dirt on working for Presidential candidate Donald Trump during Celebrity Apprentice; “I don’t really know who this person is. I will say he was always true to who he was which is why I liked working for him. I’m not voting for Donald but Donald has gained momentum – he’s done a lot better than I thought he would do,” says Leakes. Asked if Trump would make a good President based on the short stint NeNe had working with him; “I  can’t say that, not after all the things he’s said no I  don’t think so.”

Nene tells me her future on The Real Housewives of Atlanta is unclear but says this about the current cast, “I’m definitely not an executive producer. Oh my gosh if I was, the whole show would be recasts lol.”

Nene gave us the scoop on her newest venture too: a mobile app all about Nene! “I think you guys are going to love them.  My memes are awesome, bloop, my face doing all types of stuff on there, so it’s going to be pretty cool!”

If you want to see NeNe Leakes, hopefully you already have a ticket – Both of her shows tonight at the Charlotte Comedy Zone are sold out!