New Hotel Closer to Reality In South End

CHARLOTTE, N.C.—Excitement tonight, and a little concern, about plans that are taking shape for the first hotel in South End.

The new hotel is great news for most people we talked to, but some worry, this is just another building that’s going to add to the already congested area.

Nora Khalil lives in South End and says, ” I come from a bigger city so I love seeing it growing this way.”

Julia Tennenbaum also lives in South End and says “I think we do need a hotel, because there’s so many people living around here it would be nice to have some place for friends and family to stay other than my apartment ha ha.”

Here’s a look at the renderings—the new hotel will have retail space and sit here on the corner of South Tryon Street and West Kingston Avenue.

Alaith Khalil lives in South End and says, “Generally, hotels are good for the economy.  They tend to attract event goers and business travelers so not a bad thing.”

City Council Member LaWana Mayfield says it’s one project the area lacked.

“Really, when you think about all the conventions and all of the events that you’re having in the city, one of the biggest concerns that we had when you go back to the DNC was that there wasn’t enough hotels,”says Council member Mayfield.

And it’s just one of several projects in the area.

An apartment complex, office park, more retail and a Harris Teeter are also being built just blocks from each other, on South Boulevard.

Some worry about the added traffic.

“Congestion is no fun, the issues that come with that infrastructure limitations and things like that,” say Khalil.

And if the area can handle all of the new growth.

“As counsel we have to sit back and look and say are we growing in the right direction,” says Council member Mayfield.

New sidewalks, bike lanes and pedestrian walkways have already been added.

And there’s more to come.

The City Council is expected to vote on the hotel project next Month.