Chesterfield Co. Sheriff’s Office, Undersheriff Sued

CHESTERFIELD CO., S.C. – One accusation after the next, laid out in an 18 page complaint filed against the Chesterfield County Sheriff’s Office and the Undersheriff, Rob Lee. Former Deputy Dana Wallace says he was fired without cause in April 2014 after working at the sheriff’s office for 10 years.

Wallace’s attorney, Trey Cockrell, spoke with WCCB News @ Ten anchor Morgan Fogarty. He says, “There’s concrete evidence backing up every statement and every allegation he made in the suit.”

Wallace says Lee, who was the interim Sheriff in 2014, made deputies do work on his private property. The law suit includes exhibit A: eight pictures of deputies working on what is alleged to be Lee’s personal Jeep. That’s the same type of stuff that landed previous Sheriff Sam Parker in prison.

Wallace also alleges that Lee destroyed photographic evidence for an accused child molester because the accused “holds the mortgage” to Lee’s house. Wallace’s lawsuit includes copies of mortgage paperwork that does reflects that.

Lee is also accused of using business trips as a cover for relationships “with people to whom he was not married” and falsifying incident reports.

Rob Lee didn’t return WCCB Charlotte’s messages. But his boss, Chesterfield County Sheriff Jay Brooks, tells WCCB he considers this a “frivolous” lawsuit. In a formal statement, he wrote, “Sheriff Brooks is aware of the lawsuit.” And, “the Sheriff’s department will not comment,” as well as, “The response to the suit will be filed by our lawyers.”

“That’s amazing that they would call it frivolous,” says Cockrell. He says, “Then I guess they have nothing to worry about. So I guess they won’t even be hiring a lawyer.”

Wallace and his attorney want a jury trial. That could happen in a year and a half or two, if they don’t reach a settlement before.