Waiting Child: Desire and Kalliyah

GREENSBORO, N.C.- In this Waiting Child segment we introduce you to twin girls who share more similarities then they realize.

Meet Desire and Kalliyah.  They’re 13 years old.
and the biggest argument between twins, who is the oldest? “No she acts like the biggest one, she acts like the baby so I keep asking my uncles and my mom are you sure it’s not me.”

There are some differences between the girls, Kalliyah likes to hang out and have fun and her sister Desire likes to read.  One similarity, they both love sneakers, “I like playing sports my favorite sport is basketball.” Her sister Kalliyah agrees, “I’m a girly girl and I like buying sneakers, that’s all I buy with my money is sneakers. I’m going to be a cheerleader next year with my sisters because she s going to play basket ball I’m just nice.”

After spending some time with Desire and Kalliyah you start to see many similarities between the girls like they’re both risk takers, “Are you scared of heights because that’s very high? No, I want to do bungee jumping and jump out of airplanes.  You mean sky diving. Yeah skydiving, I’ll do skydiving but not bungee jumping.”

As much as they enjoy trying new things they also admit they’re sometimes picky eaters, ” I’m picky.  I don’t want to my food to touch, if my food touches on my plate I wont eat it.  If my macaroni touches my mashed potatoes, I wont eat it. but it’s going to the same place, but it’s nasty.”

Consider adoption.  You have the chance right now to change Desire and Kalliyah’s lives forever.

If you think Desire and Kalliyah would be a good fit for your family contact the North Carolina Children’s Home Society.