CMS One Step Closer to Developing Student Assignment Plan

MATTHEWS, N.C.–Another hurdle in the CMS student assignment plan is now over.

Eight school board members voted to approve the student assignment guiding principles Tuesday night during a meeting at Butler High School in Matthews.

Ericka Ellis-Stewart the only member abstaining.

“I’m worried about my kid worried about where this whole community is going,” says concerned parent, Thomas Hu.

Many parents against student assignment vocal during the meeting and speaking out against the board.

“They are taking away the parents and students rights to send their kids to their home school,” says Hu.

The board approved the Alves Educational Consulting Group to help them develop a fair and balanced student assignment plan.

“The consultant has a record of installing control choice at schools which has been no good to the district,” says Hu.

“Wrote the guiding principles, finalize the consultant, and the consultant didn’t fit with the guiding principles. So they are attempting to force fit,” says parent Boe Clark.

Others say it is a step in the right direction.

“I hope that everyone will come to an understanding that our entire county, and our entire community will not succeed until every child has an opportunity for success,” says Carol Sawyer with One MECK.