Help The ARC Save Lives By Donating For Trauma Awareness Month

CHARLOTTE, NC — May is Trauma Awareness Month and the American Red Cross is asking for eligible donors to get out and donate blood/platelets to help save the lives of those in need.

The ARC stresses the importance of needing donations during this time because trauma situations require quick access to large amounts of blood and platelet supplies.

According to the National Trauma Institute, around 41 million emergency room visits and 2.3 million hospital admissions each year are the result of trauma. The victim of a single car accident can need as many as 100 units of blood.

The Director of Donor Recruitment for the Carolinas and SC Blood Services Region, Ryan Corcoran says, “It’s the blood products on the shelves that help save lives in an emergency. When seconds matter, having a readily available blood supply is critical to trauma patient care.”

The Red Cross says that donors of all blood types are currently needed.

To get more information and find out where you can donate, visit or