Hundreds of Students Evacuated after Rock Hill Elementary School Fire

ROCK HILL, S.C.—A scary scene at Richmond Drive elementary school in Rock Hill, South Carolina Friday.

Tanner Carney says, “When we were running out of the building, we thought it was a regular alarm then we saw smoke.”

Viewer video shows smoke rising from the roof.  Students quickly evacuated and taken to Winthrop Coliseum.

Millissa Nelson, also a parent says, “I  didn’t know if it was a terror attack, or if it was just a regular fire?”

Terra Carney, another parent says, “I  just went into panic mode!”

More than a hundred parents waited anxiously to reunite with their kids.

Including Crystal Chapman, “I ‘m just glad he’s okay, I ‘m excited to have him back, happy everything is okay.”

Nelson’s daughter Veronica was in the kindergarten class next to where the fire started.

“It was like big smoke with little black things in it.  It was like all over the place  I  didn’t know where to go.  There were three people crying for brothers and sisters and their mom,” says Nelson.

Officials say tar being used on the roof caused the fire.   Workers were apparently lifting it to the roof when it spilled catching insulation on fire.

One parent is glad none of the children were hurt.

“I  held it together until I was driving.  Seeing all the barricade and police and yea, I  just thought you know these are my life,” says Carney.