Pineville Mourns Loss Of 20-Year Old Firefighter

PINEVILLE, NC– “Richard Sheltra was a 20 year old member of our fire department who served honorably, nobly and dedicated,” said Pineville Fire Chief, Mike Gerin.

Pineville Fire crews are mourning the loss of fellow volunteer firefighter Richard Sheltra. Flowers, flags and notes make up a memorial at the fire station. Monday afternoon fire officials answered two major questions looming since Saturday’s tragic fire at Edwin Watts on Pineville Matthews Road.

“The fire was determined to be the result of lightning strike, firefighter Sheltra death was determined to be result of inhalation products of combustion,” said Mecklenburg County Asst. Fire Marshall, Mike Petleski.

While battling the blaze, crews declared a mayday and pulled Sheltra from the building. Radio scanner traffic caught audio of him in distress.

9:45 “Make sure Firefighter makes it out of the building”

10:00 3rd Alarm Requested

15:00 Down Firefighter. Do not know what’s wrong with him.

Firefighters from neighboring departments are helping respond to calls while Pineville crews mourn and help the family prepare to lay Sheltra to rest.


“We ask you pray for his family, the fire service our town and our fire department as we get through this,” said Chief Gerin.

Fire officials say Pineville Fire Department is working with the family to make funeral arrangements, there is no set time yet, however they do confirm he will receive a full death in the line of duty as a firefighter service.