Treated sewage in Lake Wylie concerning

LAKE WYLIE, NC– “There’s the pipe and you can see the brown water running out of the pipe,” said Northwest Charlotte resident, Tommy Daniel.

Tommy Daniel lives on Lake Wylie a few miles down from the Mount Holly Wastewater Plant. He reached out to WCCB to raise awareness about what’s going into the water there.

“There’s no way I’d want to get in this water out here,” said Daniel.

“It’s a fact of life everyone lives downstream of someone else’s waste discharge,” said Catawba Riverkeeper, Sam Perkins.

Catawba Riverkeeper Sam Perkins says this plant along with some 450 others have permits to discharge into the Catawba River Basin. Though this one is not in violation, Perkins says it’s a problem the Clean Water Act of 1972 was created to eliminate.


“By the mid 80’s the goal was to have them only discharging water back in the waterways so it’s concerning we’re 30 years behind on that goal,” said Perkins.

You can see the pipe in the water and just about a half mile up the water and there’s the entrance to the Whitewater center.

We found out this is treated sewage. If bacteria levels are higher than they should be, they could irritate your skin. We saw kayakers and paddle boarders passing right by us and the flow of that treated sewage.

“That’s an area where you really wouldn’t want to go swimming because you still potently do have a wastewater treatment discharge,” said Perkins.

Mount Holly Utilities released a statement saying we are in compliance with our permits and have no abnormal flow. We regularly test for bacteria and nutrients levels and take this responsibility very seriously.

Daniel says permit or not he thinks it needs to be cleaned up.


“Even the people at the White water center should know what’s being dumped in just above them and what they’re playing in, I wouldn’t want to play in it,” said Daniel.