Despite Amoeba Concerns, Officials Say Drowning is a Bigger Issue on Area Lakes & Rivers

MT. HOLLY, NC – Though almost always fatal if ingested through the nose, the amoeba strain found at the Whitewater Center is extremely rare.

Officials say only two to three people die from it each year in the US. They say drowning is a much greater risk in the water.

According to the Catawba Riverkeeper, we’ve already seen nearly double the number of drownings and deadly accidents.

“The concern about being safe on the river is actually much more important for people. You’re far more likely to get hurt on the river drowning or getting hit by a boat than you are getting this amoeba,” Perkins says.

He adds people need to be more mindful of their surroundings on the water.

You should wear a life jacket, be in good physical shape if you go in the water, and don’t drive your boat drunk.