Hundreds Come Out To Meet Local Law Enforcement

ROCK HILL S.C.–Rock hill resident Michael Stover said he brought his son Caleb to this law enforcement meet and greet, to make sure he becomes familiar with local officers.

“Alot of the youth now are afraid because of what’s going on, I just want him to know to not be afraid, police are here to help and that if he’s in trouble he can always count on a police officer to help him get out of trouble,” says Stover.

Caleb hopes to one day become an officer.

First, I think that they are really nice and they never been mean to me, second I think that they are really cool for what they’ve done,” says Caleb.

Organizer and York County councilman William Bump Roddey says allowing officers and deputies to meet members of the community could diffuse negative situations in the future.

“Not the typical environment you get to see an officer, it’s not a traffic stop. It’s not responding to domestic violence situation, they are prepared to ask questions, answer questions the whole nine,” says Roddey.

Rock Hill police officials say its all about communication and transparency, even when it comes to State mandated body cameras.

Mark Bollinger with Rock Hill police said,
“We’re trying to figure out funding, we’re working with city management and council this is not a cheap proposition.
We want the public to know we are ready for them, we are ready to put them on.”

With hugs, handshakes and a lot of coversation bridging the gap between the community and law enforcement is only the beginning.