Health Officials Give Update On Whitewater Center

CHARLOTTE, NC– The amoeba infected water from the Whitewater Center has been cleaned and discharged. Now County Commissioners want to know what’s next.

Health officials gave Commissioners an update tonight. The commission didn’t vote on anything or make any decision Wednesday, but Dr Plescia with the Health Dept did update them and them saying the county now needs to set in stone some regulation for the center sanitizing going forward.

Dr. Plescia told commissioners the cleaning and discharge of the water went well.

Now the center is cleaning all the sediment from the pools and working with consultants from across the country to find the right mixture of chlorine to keep any organism from living there or sediment building up.

Though the Whitewater Center is a private business, Doctor Plescia said they have agreed to have the health department come in and monitor levels going forward.

Commissioners say since the whitewater center is a private business there’s a fine line between how much regulation the county has and how they help the center

“The other side is I hope they clearly understand that they are a private business so any costs incurred are going to come from them don’t come looking for the taxpayers to help,” said Commissioner Jim Puckett.

Commissioners cannot set a regulation now since the solution is not known yet, the Health Department will bring it back to the commission once it is figured out.

Also when commissioners asked how long it could be until they reopen, Dr. Plescia gave the timeline of possibly four to six weeks.