Get driving tips for your new Toyota ride!

 N Charlotte Toyota Are you the new owner of a 2016 Toyota near Charlotte? Congratulations – you made a great choice! However, just because you signed the dotted line on a new ride doesn’t mean that you’re going to know exactly how to operate your shiny new toy. You need to know what capabilities your N Charlotte Toyota has before you hit the road to ensure you have a safe and efficient driving experience. And that’s where we come into play!

Know how to handle your N Charlotte Toyota with our driving tips

Knowing the basics do’s and don’t’s of driving can help save you a lot of time, trouble, and money, so check out our N Charlotte Toyota driving tips BEFORE you get behind the wheel.

Let’s talk towing driving tips first.

Your best bet for towing is a truck. Our N Charlotte Toyota trucks are built to pull heavy loads with powerful engines and special towing capabilities. You might be able to swing it with an SUV, but not all SUVs are made equally and some of them can’t quite cut it when it comes to a heavy load. When it comes to towing with a sedan, forget it – they can typically only tow up to around 1,000 pounds.

How about space?

If you want a super-spacious ride, our N Charlotte Toyota dealership recommends the driving tips of shooting for a minivan or SUV that offer extra passenger and cargo seating. A truck may suit your needs, but remember that the bed is exposed to the elements unless you invest in a topper or cover. Our sedans may be spacious, but they typically seat no more than 5 and have limited trunk space!

Consider fuel efficiency.

If you want to save big on fuel, our driving tips recommend you choose a sedan or hatchback. These cars are smaller, lighter, and have smaller engines to up fuel economy. You’ll find a great selection at Toyota of N Charlotte! Our trucks and SUVs can offer good fuel efficiency as well, but they’re typically bigger and heavier with engines attuned more to powering heavy loads.

Do you know the abilities of your ride?

What about commuting?

Like we said, smaller vehicles offer better fuel efficiency, and they’re also better for taking on city streets full of traffic. If you choose to commute in a N Charlotte Toyota SUV or truck, then you might find it difficult to maneuver tight city streets easily. However, if your commute is mostly highway then an SUV or truck might not be a bad idea, depending on how many people you have with you and what type of fuel efficiency you need!

Want more driving tips for your new ride and the capabilities it has? Toyota of N Charlotte can help – call today to talk to any of our knowledgeable sales associates about more driving tips and the type of ride best suited to your drive time needs. Our N Charlotte Toyota dealership is open seven days a week at (888) 883-3797!

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