The Head Of Trump’s NC Campaign Resigns Over Lawsuit

CHARLOTTE, NC– The man leading Donald Trump’s campaign in North Carolina has resigned because of a lawsuit over a gun threat.

Vincent Bordini filed that lawsuit on Tuesday.  It claims Bordini and Earl Phillip were driving together when Phillip pulled out a pistol and pushed the barrel into Bordini’s knee cap.

Bordini says it happened in February.

“We were driving to check up on volunteers and there wasn’t any heated discussion or argument about it,” said Bordini. “It was ominous. He drew the pistol and put it against my knee while we were driving.”

“I have retained legal counsel and as of immediately I am stepping down from any dealings with the trump campaign or any of it’s affiliates,” said Phillip.

Bordini says he didn’t file a police report because he didn’t want to create a public spectacle… But filed the lawsuit when the campaign didn’t do anything.