4 Things You Need To Know For Monday

WCCB News Rising keeps you updated with what’s making headlines. Here are the 4 Things You Need To Know for your Monday:

  1. Evacuation orders are finally being lifted in California Monday morning, after an explosive wildfire burned through 60 miles East of Los Angeles. It burned more than 100 homes and 200 buildings were destroyed in San Bernadino.
  2. A source close to the investigation surrounding the death of singer Prince says some of his pills were mislabeled as Hydrocodone. They were actually Fentanyl, which is another opiod. Prince’s autopsy back in June found the music icon died of an accidental overdose.
  3. Secretary of State John Kerry is in Kenya Monday, holding talks on regional security and extremism. Kerry will also meet with Kenya’s President to discuss ways to bring peace to neighboring South Sudan.
  4. And finally, the average price for gas is up half a cent Monday morning. The Lundberg Survey says regular gas is running about $2.17 a gallon across the nation. Analysts are blaming higher crude oil prices for the increase.