Questions About Search for Jordyn Dumont

GASTON CO., N.C. – What if it was your child?

That is the simple question this all boils down to.

Of course, some might say it’s more complicated than that.

Jordyn Dumont was reported missing around 3:30 PM last Monday. Gaston County Police Chief Joseph Ramey called off the search for her six hours later, at 9:30pm.

Jordyn Dumont’s mother wrote to WCCB, saying, “I just don’t understand why they stop(ped) the search for her.”

In an email thread from last Monday night, Gaston County Commissioner Jason Williams asks Gaston Co. leaders why the search was being called off, pointing out, “there’s not an issue with treacherous weather…”

Chief Ramey responds minutes later, saying in part, “Ground search in the woods is dangerous…”

Williams responds, “I want to go on record to say this is an embarrassing excuse to say it’s too dangerous in the woods,” and, “This sends a bad message to the public. I’ve had citizens contact me dumbfounded we aren’t still actively, intensely searching.”

It doesn’t appear Chief Ramey responded to that final comment.

Commissioner Williams declined to speak on-camera with WCCB until he gets the chance to speak face to face with the Chief, but did tell WCCB, “I won’t let up til I get some answers.”

Commission Chair Chad Brown tells WCCB he and others have questions, too, including, did the police have evidence the child was dead? And, if so, could the scene have been compromised by animals?

Brown tells WCCB, “I think in this instance, we need to investigate to see how we can become a better entity.”

Gaston County Sheriff Alan Cloninger tells WCCB “after action assessments” are standard after cases like this. He is on vacation this week and told WCCB over the phone, “I would have offered to continue the search into the night. If we had been requested to come up there. And I would have advised the Chief that in my opinion, unless there was some type of overwhelming danger to the searchers, that we should continue the search.”

WCCB asked the Sheriff why he didn’t just take over the crime scene since he is the highest ranking law enforcement officer in the county. He says it would have been inappropriate because he wasn’t given any information about the investigation.

WCCB asked Chief Ramey, also on vacation this week, for comment on his decision to call of last Monday’s search at about 4:30PM Monday and then again at 6:30PM. He told us “no” over email. But he changed course, and called WCCB right before Monday’s 10PM newscast to say,”If we thought a child was out there, walking around, we wouldn’t have stopped searching.”

We asked Chief if that meant they had evidence that night to believe Jordyn was dead. He said yes, but acknowledged it was third party info and not 100 percent verified.

Also, we checked with WCCB Charlotte Chief Meteorologist Greg Armbrecht about the weather that Monday night. He says inclement weather not an issue that evening; it was warm and muggy.