Radio Traffic Reveals New Details in Deadly Trooper-Involved Shooting

CHARLOTTE, NC – Radio traffic is shedding more light on the minutes before a State Trooper shot and killed an unarmed deaf man.

The audio recording details what Troopers were telling dispatch during the seven minute chase.

The recording indicates Trooper Jermaine Saunders clocked Daniel Harris driving 88 when the speed limit was 70 miles an hour.

But just over a minute into the recording you hear how quickly the chase escalates.

DISPATCH: “100 mph.. 100 mph.. light traffic.”

During the chase, it appears Saunders tries multiple pit maneuvers on I-485, successfully stopping Harris before he takes off at least two different times.

TROOPER: “I’m gonna try to pit him out. Took off again. Gonna try to pit him out.”

DISPATCH: “Back in motion.. back in.. travelling again.”

Radio traffic contradicts family members’ theory that Harris didn’t realize he was being pulled over.

Two days after the shooting WCCB talked with Harris’s brother Sam through an interpreter.

“I think that he was just afraid, they are saying the reports that the police were chasing him. And I just don’t think that he was able to hear that,” Harris said August 20th.

The recording does indicate Saunders did have back up and that there were attempts to set up road blocks on Rocky River Road.

But the audio doesn’t reveal a lot about the encounter that led Saunders to shoot Harris.

As the chase ends, we hear this..

TROOPER: “We have a Jump and Run. We have a Jump and Run.”

DISPATCH: “10-4. Jump and Run. Jump and Run.”

And about 15 seconds later..

TROOPER: “Shots fired! Shots fired! Got one subject down. Go ahead and find me a Medic. Go ahead and find me a Medic.”

WCCB Charlotte went by the family home Tuesday with a written transcript of the audio recording, to get their response to it. No one answered the door.