Murder of 7-Year-Old Boy Still Unsolved One Year Later

CHARLOTTE, NC – Labor Day weekend marks one year since one of the most violent, deadly weekends in Charlotte history. It included nearly a dozen shootings and five murders.

WCCB spoke with family of the youngest victim who say they want closure.

“A lot of people know something. They just don’t wanna talk,” explains Santos Juarez.

Jaurez was one of four people shot when gunmen opened fire on a children’s birthday party in Southwest Charlotte.

His seven-year-old nephew Kevin Rodas was shot as he picked up candy from a piñata.

“We just want.. something you know. We just want to know something,” Juarez says.

Along with Rodas, the murder cases of LaQuanta Young, Dominique Wheeler, and James Taylor remain open.

The one arrest police have made is for Elias Perez’s murder.

This Labor Day weekend, CMPD stepped up patrols to make sure we don’t see this kind of violence again.

As for Jaurez, he still feels the emotional and the physical pain.

A bullet is still lodged in his back. Doctors tell him it’s safer to leave it there than try to take it out.
He wants those who know who killed his nephew to think about if it was their family member.

There is still a $15,000 reward for information that leads to Kevin’s killer. There’s a $10,000 reward in the other cases.