State Lawmakers Propose Compromise On HB2

CHARLOTTE, NC– Will North Carolina Lawmakers strike a deal to repeal HB2?

Republican lawmakers have a proposal.  Governor Pat McCrory backs it. But will Charlotte City Council?

That is the big question.

This started Friday, with a news release from the North Carolina Restaurant and Lodging Association.

It says the hospitality industry has become collateral damage in the battle over HB2.

And it says that Governor McCrory has promised the association that he is willing to call legislators into a special session next week to repeal HB2, if Charlotte City Council repeals amendments to its discrimination ordinance at this Monday’s meeting. A spokesman for Governor McCrory confirmed that for WCCB.

Republican Lawmakers Jeff Tarte and John Bradford say this move could keep the ACC Championships in North Carolina.
They sent WCCB a statement today saying in part: “There is an opportunity for both parties to repeal what they have done and show the world that we are ready to walk it back, save jobs, start the healing process, and work together to make North Carolina the greatest state in the country.”

We contacted Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts.

A city spokesperson sent us a statement saying in part it has received the proposal and “…ss taking it under advisement at this time. We are in the process of evaluating any potential next steps.”

City councilwoman Claire Fallon tells us tonight: a repeal of charlotte’s ordinance is not on the agenda for monday — but that could change.
Fallon says she will do what is “best for charlotte.”