Local Realtor Trying To Save Historic CLT House

CHARLOTTE, NC– A local relator is trying to save a 200 year old home in Southwest Charlotte from the wrecking ball.

City council is considering a rezoning proposal from BNA homes to tear down the historic Jane Parks McDowell house on South Tryon Street.

It would be replaced with more than 100 townhomes.

During the american Revolution, legend has it Jane Parks McDowell set out on horseback one night to warn American troops that the British were in the area.

“To see that potentially this could be lost and the story could just be another one in a text book somewhere would be tragic. I think, hopefully we’ve learned by now that we know better than to tear down our history,” said realtor Jonathan Osman.

Organizers are trying to convince the developer to save the house if they can raise enough money to fix it up. City council could make a decision on the rezoning within the next month.