Protesters Demand City Leaders Listen Or Leave

CHARLOTTE, NC– Protestors tell Mayor Jennifer Roberts and CMPD Chief Kerr Putney to listen, or leave. “You need to listen. I will find somebody who will listen,” said protest organizer, Andrew Featy. Featy is one protest organizer criticizing only having press conferences and shying away from the protests. “She had a very weak response…She should’ve been out there earlier I mean even now even now you know…I’ve been watching these kids for days we haven’t seen the Mayor.”

They call the City’s move of leaving the National Guard in place after protests calmed ridiculous. “Every taxpayer in this county should be upset.”

Protestors criticized Chief Puntey for not releasing all the police footage from surrounding Keith Scott’s shooting death. “What’s the point in having these cameras?”

“I’m here for the powers that be to understand that this is real…I have three african-american sons and it makes me really really nervous that that can be that they can be killed out of everything we’re teaching them…teaching them to not make sudden moves, teaching him at that you will be pulled over,” said protester Robbyn Davis-Ellison.

They want the 90 day reform plan from city leaders to spark criminal justice reform.

“Something to happen to 90 days. No more dialogue and I’m gonna talk to the NAACP and I’m gonna talk to the pastors.”

They want Chief Putney to release all the police video footage of Scott’s case. And they want a Federal Department of Justice investigation into Scott’s shooting. “I know they think that we are going to go away and be silenced in a few days but we’re not leaving.”

Protestors acknowledge the chief and mayor have spoken at press conferences, but they say that’s the typical politician tactic and are wondering where the action plan is.