Keith Scott’s Criminal History

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – WCCB obtained Keith Lamont Scott’s court records. His criminal history dates back to 2002, in Texas. He was convicted there of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and then evading arrest.

In 2004, his wife, Rakeyia Scott, filed for a domestic violence protective order here in Charlotte. Rakeyia wrote in court documents, “My husband Keith Scott assaulted me several times by stabbing me in the back and almost puncturing my lungs, he sliced my ear, and bruised my body.”

She checked a box that said she believed there was danger of serious and immediate injury to her or her children. She asked the courts to keep Keith away from their home, her work, their children’s day care and their school. She asked the court to prohibit Keith from possessing or purchasing a firearm. The order expired ten days after it was issued.

In October 2015, Rakeyia filed for another domestic violence protective order against Keith, this time in Gaston County. She said he hit her 8-year-old in the head three times with his fist, kicked her, and threatened to kill them with his gun. She also says Keith told them he is “a killer and we should know that.”

Rakeyia said Keith carried a 9mm firearm. The court record says he didn’t have a permit because he was a felon. The court records also show Keith was working as a security officer at Eastridge Mall in Gastonia. WCCB has emailed the security company that hires the guards to inquire about their pre-employment background check process.

When a deputy tried to serve Keith with the Gaston Co. court order, Keith said he had moved to Miami, Florida. Rakeyia then filed for dismissal, saying, “he is no longer a threat to me and my family.”

Keith Scott also pleaded guilty to driving 90 miles per hour in a 60 mile per hour zone with an open container in Belmont in 2014.

You can See the documents HERE.