Jordyn Dumont Proclamation in Gastonia

GASTONIA, N.C. – Jordyn Dumont’s father made it just in time to this city council meeting. His flight into town was delayed. But, he only needed enough time to say a few words, to bring the room to a standstill. “My name is Joshua Kinnett and I’m the father of Jordyn.”

City Council read the proclamation in Jordyn’s honor. A member of Guardians of the Children spoke, saying, “We got a call to escort her little body back from the coroner’s office. Hardest ride I ever done in my life.”

And others talked too, including someone from DSS, despite that gag order that covers the department. The DSS employee said, “The child welfare social workers in Gaston County respond to over 200 reports of child abuse and neglect every month.”

Carl Crook with Hellfighters Ministry is hellbent on getting justice for Jordyn. He said, “I just want to tell people from human services, we’re not out to blame nobody.”

The proclamation means this to Kinnett family friend, Cindy Ellis: “Somebody’s listening. We’re not having shut doors.”

After, Jordyn’s father signed a petition demanding the partners of adults who abuse or neglect kids also be held responsible. Everything at this meeting, small steps. Gastonia resident Jackie Figueroa said, “It’s not enough. There’s a lot more that needs to be done instead of just that.”

Jordyn’s mother was not present at the declaration signing.