Charlotte City Council Issues Letter To Community

CHARLOTTE, NC — Following recent protests and unrest within the Charlotte community the City Council has written a letter to residents outlining their understanding of grievances and laying out steps they will be taking to help address growing needs and concerns.

In the letter officials say they will address three growing areas of concern within the Charlotte community and begin working towards further discussion and action to build a stronger and more inclusive city.

You can read the full letter below.

A Letter to the Community

Monday, Oct. 3, 2016

We, the 11 members of Charlotte City Council, hear the anger, frustration and need expressed both in the streets and in our Council Chamber. We have been working to address many of these concerns, and we can and will take additional action. We commit to you that our approach will be inclusive, and we value all voices in this process. We must enact policies, initiate programs and collaborate meaningfully to do this work together .

We recognize that there are some people who enjoy relative wealth, prosperity and opportunity while others struggle to find good paying jobs, affordable housing,and some may not trust law enforcement . Our challenges are no different than in other places in this country.

Our love, passion and pride for our city demand action. To move forward requires everyone’s help. When our community comes together,great things happen. This is our spirit . This is our culture. This is our city. We will lead. We will act. We will do this together.

To that end, this City Council pledges its energy and focus on three key areas for further discussion and action at upcoming City Council meetings beginning on Oct. 10:

• Safety,Trust & Accountability
• Access to safe, quality and affordable housing
• Good paying jobs

For Safety, Trust & Accountability, we support our Police Chief and the men and women of the Charlotte­ Mecklenburg Police Department, including our Chief s continued efforts to enhance trust and accountability within the Department and within the community. We will also continue to review and implement the recommendations from the President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing.

For Housing, we seek to accelerate funding for housing, with the goal of creating 5,000 workforce and affordable housing units in three years so those who work in our City can live in our City.

For those in need of Jobs, we seek to invest $1 million in a new wo rkforce development program that will increase jobs,training and opportunities for our youth and individuals with multiple barriers to employment.

We ask our federal,state and local partners across the public, private and non-profit sectors to join us. This is just a start with more to follow . Through it all, we ask that you hold us accountable as we build a stronger and more inclusive Queen City.

Members of the Charlotte City Council