26-Year-Old Woman Murdered Walking Home in Plaza Midwood

CHARLOTTE, NC – Police have not named any suspects after a young woman was shot and killed in Plaza Midwood.

Friends say 26-year-old Katherine Memory Jones was walking home after going out with friends.

Police found her body around 2:45 Saturday morning in a parking lot behind a real estate office at the corner of The Plaza and Harmorton Place.

That’s just one block from busy Central Avenue.

“She was a really, really great girl. And she was always very kind to me. And very nice and loving and caring,” explains Lily Couture.

She says Jones, known as Kétie, was a regular at the Common Market.

“I knew her well enough to where it’s got me pretty messed up,” Couture says.

Neighbors like Suzane Robinson say it’s unnerving.

“I live, seriously, like four or five blocks away from here and I walk to Plaza Midwood all the time and I’ve never felt unsafe,” Robinson says.

A manager says Jones worked at nearby Midwood Smokehouse for the past two years.

Several of her co-workers learned of her death as they came in Saturday. The restaurant let several upset employees go home.

Friends and co-workers describe Jones as a wonderful girl who had a great sense of humor. They’re hoping police can identify a suspect.

“Just come forward, cause you’re going to live, you know, karma comes back, and you’re gonna live with a really heavy heart and you don’t wanna live like that,” Robinson says.

“Just a nice person, and, she didn’t need, this shouldn’t have happened to her,” Couture says.

You can find the GoFundMe page for Jones HERE.