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N Charlotte Toyota driving Who else is still feeling the aftereffects of the end of daylight saving time? While it’s already been almost a week since we were gifted an extra hour of sleep, some of us have yet to adjust our biological and digital clocks. As we continue to chug copious amounts of coffee and live through the temporary hysteria of thinking that we are late every time we look at the clock we forgot to set back, let’s consider something else.

N Charlotte Toyota driving safety tips for the end of daylight saving time:

There are serious potential dangers that come with shorter daytime hours. A big concern with “falling back” is that the afternoon commute now tends to take place in the dark – and that can pose driving risks. But don’t stress! We want you to make it back home safe and sound, which is why your friends at Toyota of N Charlotte have driving safety tips for commuting once the sun has set.

1# Keep a roadside emergency kit. It pays to be prepared, especially when it comes to unexpected situations on the road. Some of the essentials you will want to pack in your vehicle include jumper cables, a flashlight, batteries, a spare tire, lug wrench, car jack, rags, food, water, and a blanket. You will also want smaller yet equally important items like pen, paper, and a phone charger.

#2 Get enough sleep. Falling back for the end of daylight saving time affects our bodies differently. You might find yourself lagging and sleepy for a few weeks before your biological clock adjusts. That’s why an important N Charlotte Toyota driving safety tip is that you get a good night’s sleep before you drive. And if you find yourself tired before you head back home and it has gotten dark, consider drinking something caffeinated a few minutes before the drive.

#3 Use your low and high beams wisely. Using your exterior vehicle lights help make the roads safer for both you and other drivers on the road. But did you know it’s not always the right time to use your high beams and low beams? When you are driving in snow, fog, or rain, use your low beams. Use your high beams only in areas where there aren’t other cars around as it could impair their vision. And don’t forget to periodically check your lighting system (taillights, headlights, turn signals, brake lights, etc.) to make sure they are working properly!

#4 Be extra vigilant on the road. We hope every driver is as savvy and prepared as you are for the changing time, but that will not always be the case. Use N Charlotte Toyota defensive driving techniques at night, such as keeping a safe distance from other vehicles and using your signal lights whenever you change lanes. And remember, colder weather means more fog, rain, and animals out after dark. Focus on the road!


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