Man from California Spends $1 Million on Video Game


Sacramento CA – A California man named Kevin Lee Co plead guilty to wire fraud and money laundering for embezzling on December 8th. However, it’s what he spent a large sum of the $4.8 million on that is attracting attention.

Along with using the Stolen funds, taken from his employer Holt of California, to buy luxury cars, home furniture, and season tickets for NBA and NFL teams, Co also dropped approximately $1 million dollars on an online game entitled “Game of War”.

The popular mobile game is one the highest grossing of its kind. On average, players spend around $550 on the game according to research from Slice Intelligence.

Co reportedly worked for Holt, a California-based dealer for Caterpillar machinery, from around 2008 till 2015, running his scheme for most of his time there.

Co is currently expected to be sentenced sometime in May and will serve up to 20 years in jail, unless a lesser punishment is taken through plea deal.