Concerns in Latino Community Over Trump Immigration Changes

CHARLOTTE, NC – President Trump’s executive orders are creating increasing uncertainty in Charlotte’s Latino community.

The president’s plans would boost border security and deport undocumented immigrants who commit crimes.

But many in the Latino community say they want more details about what he intends to do next.

“Unfortunately there is really not a lot of information,” explains Beto Tenorio, president of Norsan Media.

Listeners have been calling in with questions at the company’s Spanish-language radio stations in Charlotte.

“The community is actually waiting. They want to find out exactly what he is going to do and what the Congress is going to allow him to do,” Tonorio says.

Along with building a wall, and adding 5,000 border patrol agents, Trump says his focus will be deporting criminals in the U.S. illegally.

“I think a lot of people are very concerned right now with the administration just kind of giving broad brush strokes and not getting down to details,” explains UNC Charlotte Political Science Professor Dr. Greg Weeks.

Weeks says Trump could calm fears by talking more about his intentions on issues like DACA, which defers deportation for children brought to the country illegally.

“I think a lot of this is going to depend on the specifics. So I think for the time being a lot of people are going to hang tight and see what exactly happens,” Weeks says.

Meanwhile, back at Norsen, Tenorio says Latinos understand the need for security.

‘We understand that the borders, they need to be secure, we understand all of that. We are definitely up for that,” Tenorio says.

He says people in the community just want some reassurance.

“I think he’s been a little hard on our community without really knowing our community,” Tenorio says.

There’s also concern that a stressed relationship with Mexico could have an impact here.

The Charlotte Chamber tells WCCB Charlotte that 12 companies doing business in the Charlotte area have Mexican parent companies.

They employee roughly 600 people here.

Those companies are:

Akra Polyester Akra Polyester SA de CV Mexico Charlotte
AlphaGary Corp Mexichem SAB de CV Mexico Pineville
Ambra Le Roy LLC Ambra Le Roy Mexico Charlotte
Bimbo Bakeries USA Grupo Bimbo SA Mexico  Multiple locations
Binswanger Glass Co Vitro SA de CV Mexico  Multiple locations
CEMEX USA Inc CEMEX SAB de CV Mexico Statesville
DAK Americas LLC Alfa SA de CV Mexico Charlotte
Metromont Materials LLC CEMEX SAB de CV Mexico Charlotte
Mission Foods GRUMA SAB de CV Mexico Charlotte
Nutec   Mexico Huntersville
Rinker Materials Corp/Concrete Pipe Div CEMEX SAB de CV Mexico Harrisburg
Sara Lee Bakery Group Grupo Bimbo SA Mexico Shelby