Top five questions to ask when buying a used car

Charlotte used car buyingCar shopping can be daunting, especially if it’s your first time or you’re on your own. Toyota of N Charlotte can help! We do have a pretty skilled team of sales specialists at our dealership who can easily guide you to your dream car, but it does help if you’re prepared ahead of time so you can feel comfortable during the shopping process. Here are the top five questions to have in mind when you buy a used car.

Know how to buy a used car like a pro

Question #1: Has the car ever been in an accident? You want to know if the Charlotte used car you want to buy has ever been in a collision for multiple reasons. One, it lessens the value of the car when you want to sell it down the road. Additionally, it can be dangerous – if there was damage to the car or subpar repairs were done, the car’s structure could be weakened, leaving you in a bad place if you ever get into an accident yourself.

Question #2: How many miles are on the car? Mileage is something you should consider; used cars in Charlotte that have high mileage typically have been subjected to more wear and tear, which means more frequent repairs and auto service. High mileage also reduces resale value, especially after you pass 100,000 miles. If mileage is going to be important when it comes to your final decision, be sure to ask (and verify the number on the odometer against a Carfax Report).

Question #3: Do you have service records? Auto service records are an important thing to ask for when you’re buying a used car in Charlotte. Routine car care makes for a healthier car and less repairs down the road; if previous owners haven’t kept up with a schedule for auto maintenance, you may have parts wearing out sooner. Ask for the records so you can verify the car is in good condition.

Toyota of N Charlotte can help you get comfortable with the car shopping process

Question #4: What comes with the car? Sure, you get the vehicle itself, but what else comes with it? This is the time to ask for warranties on any parts or accessories that have been installed, as well as if the car’s warranty will transfer when it changes owners. What about spare keys and key fobs? What about a spare tire and a tire jack? It may seem trivial, but these small elements can add up to big expenses if you’re not careful.

Question #5: Can I do an independent inspection? Here at Toyota of N Charlotte, we thoroughly inspect all of our used cars and offer CarFax reports for them, as well as warranties on a good deal of them. However, if you’re buying from a private buyer you should conduct an independent inspection with the mechanic of your choosing. If the seller won’t let you, that’s a red flag!

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