Travel Ban Block Impacts Charlotte

CHARLOTTE, NC — President Donald Trump says he plans to fight an appeals court ruling that blocks his travel ban.

The court ruled unanimously that citizens of seven majority-Muslim countries can travel to the US, despite Trump’s executive order last month. The ruling has a direct impact on many in the Charlotte community, including UNC Charlotte students.

“What it means is that the Constitution wins,” says Charlotte immigration attorney Mo Idlibby.

Idlibby says the circuit court ruling is good news for people with family members caught in limbo in the seven nations on the president’s banned list.

“Real people, real Americans, who have real relatives who maybe were caught abroad just visiting family, and now weren’t able to come back,” says Idlibby. “And now everybody’s trying to come back, to make sure they get in during this period of time, while it’s still subject to litigation.”

President Trump reacted to the decision, tweeting: “See you in court, the security of our nation is at stake!”

The travel ban caused chaos at airports across the country immediately after the executive order, and left thousands of international students fearing for their futures.

“Everyone should be having the opportunity to come back and pursue their goals,” says UNC Charlotte student Aicole Villavicencio, who is from Ecuador. “And finish their education. And conquer their dreams.”

Students rallied at UNC Charlotte on Thursday to protest the travel ban. Melisa Guardodo says her mother came to the US illegally, putting herself in peril to provide a brighter future for her family.

“I’ve never been really targeted for immigration or racism, or anything,” says Guardado, also a UNC Charlotte student. “I know my mom has. And that’s something I don’t want anyone to be feeling.”

“We feel like maybe something is going to get done,” says Rubi Jaimes, another UNC Charlotte student. “Something will get done, if we stand together, and speak our voice, and not stay silent.”

UNC Charlotte has a strong contingent of Iranian students. Many are relieved to still have the opportunity to travel home to see family.

“Real democracy, liberty exists here, in the US,” says one student we talked to. “So I got more hope about the future of this country.”

The Justice Department says it is reviewing the circuit court decision. The president has already indicated that he would take the case all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary.