Do you know what to do with a car recall?

"Car recalls"Have you ever gotten a car recall notice in the mail? It can be a little unnerving. After all, these letters indicate that something is wrong with your vehicle and it’s going to be in need of repairs! However, it’s nothing to stress hugely about, and Toyota of N Charlotte is here to explain why. We’re giving you the ins and outs of car recalls and how to handle them.

What is a car recall?

To kick things off, let’s talk about what a car recall is! Basically, this is when a vehicle is discovered to have a safety defect, or no longer complies with federal safety standards. The automotive manufacturer then sends out a letter via the mail to notify the owners so they can seek repairs to remedy the problem.

You’ll typically get notified of this situation in the mail, but if you’re worried and want to do your own research, our N Charlotte Toyota dealership recommends checking the NHTSA website. They frequently update their site with lists of car recalls, and they also have information about recalls for car parts (like tires) and car seats.

So when you receive that letter, what should you do? Don’t panic, first of all. Our N Charlotte Toyota sales specialists told us that while a recall letter is nothing to ignore, you don’t have to take action right that second. You can schedule N Charlotte auto repairs in the near future and still be fine. However, don’t let it go for TOO long. Remember, they send out these letters because of safety issues with your vehicle, so while you’re not in immediate danger, you could have problems in the future with safety and performance.

Toyota of N Charlotte can help you decipher what repairs your car needs

What does that mean? Basically, go ahead and schedule your auto repairs. The letter from the automotive manufacturer will include instructions on what needs to be fixed, where you can seek repairs, and other important information. From there, you just have to set up your appointment!

And if you’re hesitating on scheduling things because you’re worried about cost, don’t be! Our N Charlotte Toyota dealership reminds you that this is a car recall issued by the manufacturer, so they are obligated to cover the costs. You shouldn’t have to pay anything out of pocket for the repairs, and if the place where you seek them tries to charge you, definitely address it with them.

If you have questions about car recalls, feel free to call us at Toyota of N Charlotte! Even if your vehicle isn’t a Toyota our skilled team can help you decipher the letter and explain what action you need to take from there. We’re here to make your life easier!

Want to schedule auto repairs or get a little assistance dealing with a recall? Call us today at (888) 378-1214 to get the ball rolling!

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