Lincoln County Inmate Charged After Assaulting Guards

LINCOLNTON, NC — An inmate now faces additional charges after officials say he assaulted detention officers trying to move him from his cell.

Christopher Chastain, 29, of Stanley, NC, assaulted officers Monday, according to reports, after they tried to move him from his cell for warrant service at the request of NC Probation and Parole. Officers say Chastain refused to leave his top bunk, and began hitting, biting, spitting on officers when they attempted to remove him.

Chastain has been charged with one felony count of Malicious Conduct by a Prisoner by Emitting Bodily Fluids and two misdemeanor counts of Simple Assault.

According to records, Chastain is a registered sex offender who was arrested Sunday for interfering with his electronic monitor, which he was ordered to wear by Lincoln County courts in 2009.