10 Years Later: Sherry Clark Lancaster on Sean Clark’s Legacy

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Sherry Clark Lancaster declined WCCB’s invitation to be interviewed for the Lasting Legacy special, but she did send Morgan this photograph and statement:

“As I slow down to reflect on the last 10 yrs., I see how God can bring good out of a bad situation. I am thankful it has not taken me 10 years to see this, but this is just another opportunity to reflect on God’s grace. Sean’s loss of life here on this earth was truly a loss for all who knew him and those who never had a chance to. What has happened with the downward spiral of respect towards the police in this past decade is sad and hurtful to the families who have lost an officer in their life. Even more so for those of us who lost our officer from a malicious, cowardly act of violence. In the end, good always wins and the anointed will prevail.

Sean would be proud of his CMPD family for the integrity they show for the profession he was so passionate about. To him it was all about being of service. That’s what we all are called to do…serve others. Sean did that everyday with pride and a smile.

His memory forever lives on in his sons, and he will never be forgotten. We will continue to thrive as he would want us to. God is good and He is faithful. And if Sean could tell you one last piece of advice…He’d tell you, ‘don’t sweat the small stuff!’ I try to remember this as I raise our boys through this crazy busy life…its all about perspective. Slow down and enjoy the moment. We are not promised tomorrow.”

-Sherry Clark Lancaster