CMPD Remembers Fallen Brothers Jeff Shelton & Sean Clark

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Officers who worked side by side with Jeff Shelton and Sean Clark at CMPD say their fallen brothers leave a lasting legacy of dedication, heroism, and love.

Captain Michelle Hummell says, “Some days you know it’s been ten years and then some days it seems like yesterday.”

Lt. Mike Abbondanza says, “I still remember working third shift together, it really doesn’t seem like ten years has passed to me.”

Those who knew them well say officers clark and shelton are the definition of charlotte’s finest.

Abbondanza continues, “Both exemplary police officers. Guys I loved working with, side by side with. Good at the job, good at being police officers, and great family men, too.”

Officer Yvette McNeill says, “Me and Jeff worked in South Division, back then called Baker 2, and we hit it off from the get-go.” She continues, “Usually after roll call, for some reason, we always gave each other a hug and say, ‘See ya out there.'”

Abbondanza adds, “I was one of Sean’s training officers when he came to the police department. He really truly believed and wanted to help people.”

The officers also said one lesson learned from the tragic loss of Jeff and Sean was that the Charlotte community comes together in tough times and having that support is important to them. They say it’s what keeps them going.