Officers Shelton & Clark Touched Many Lives

[Original coverage from April 2007]

CHARLOTTE, NC — “When our police officers leave their homes and their wives and children in the morning we’re reminded today of exactly what they put at risk.”

Flowers lay in remembrance, flags fly at half staff, and badges show the sign of a fallen police officer.

Officer Jeff Shelton, a six year veteran of the force, was hired in 2001. Shelton served in the marines before he joined the force.

Friends of Shelton say “he was an honorable guy who was quick with a joke or smile.”

“My heart goes out to the family of both officers,” said Charlotte City Councilman Anthony Foxx. “They have given the supreme sacrifice to protect the public in Charlotte, and we all owe them a great debt of gratitude.”

Officer Sean Clark joined the force in January of 2006. Friends call Clark a quiet warrior and natural leader, a person that always had an encouraging word.

Chief Darrel Stephens said, “Officer Clark, as you know, had a two year old son. Wife is six months pregnant expecting the second child. The two year old was the light of his life.”

-Story by Will Lewis