[Original coverage from October 2010]

CHARLOTTE, NC — A shorter session today in the Demeatrius Montgomery trial, as only one expert testified about the results of DNA testing, but it’s what he couldn’t find on the alleged murder weapon that got the most interest.

Former CMPD Lab Technician John Donahue testified today. He studied crime-scene evidence from the Timber Ridge murders, looking for DNA matches.

He told the jury he couldn’t find DNA matching that of Demeatrus Montgomery on the gun prosecutors say was used to kill CMPD Officers Sean Clark and Jeff Shelton.

To do the test, Donahue developed DNA profiles for Montgomery, Clark, and Shelton.

He did find DNA from several different individuals on the murder weapon, but they were not clear enough to identify.

The prosecution says that means Montgomery cannot be ruled out as possibly being one of the people with d-n-a evidence on the gun.

Donahue says he did find DNA matching Jeff Shelton on a swab used in the crevices and frame of the gun.

He also tested several cigarette butts found outside building 72-11 at the Timber Ridge Apartments. Two of the butts were blood-stained, and one matched the DNA of Officer Sean Clark.

The judge today was surprised when the defense decided not to cross-examine Donahue, bringing an early end to this morning’s session.

-Story by Marvin Beach