The Verdict

[Original coverage from October 2010]

CHARLOTTE, NC — 28-year-old Demeatrius Montgomery will spend the rest of his life behind bars for killing Officers Sean Clark and Jeff Shelton back in 2007.

He showed no emotion as the verdict was read.

After, Jennifer Shelton, Jeff’s wife, spoke directly to Montgomery, telling him “you shattered my world and stole my sense of security.”

Shelton’s father spoke next, saying of Montgomery, “God may forgive him, but I never will.  His family can go see him in prison, I have to see my son from the grave.”

After court adjourned, there was a very touching moment between Montgomery’s father and one of the officer’s fathers, as two men forever changed by what happened between their sons, shared an embrace.

The jury was escorted from the courthouse by sheriff’s deputies, and didn’t speak about their decision.

Jennifer Shelton and Sherry Clark also left quietly, heavily guarded by CMPD officers.

Montgomery’s family was more vocal… furious with the ruling.

Montgomery’s uncle said, “The police officer, what did he do, tamper with evidence and they still, the system ain’t nothing down here!”

He is presumably talking about CMPD Detective Arvin Fant, who admitted to throwing out some of his notes in this case.

The prosecutors left the courthouse next. Lead Attorney Marsha Goodenow spoke with the media.

“It’s been a long hard trial and I’ve been doing this for 20 years and I hope to God the city never suffers another tragedy like this again.”

Chief Rodney Monroe called the two first degree murder convictions “the right thing.”

“What Mr. Montgomery took away from not only the department 3.5 years ago but from this community can never be replaced.”

He called the prosecutors, Goodenow, Beth Greene and Glenn Cole, “fantastic” and says justice was done.

“We lost more than two police officers, lost more than two husbands, a father.  The community lost a symbol.  A symbol of what really makes sense to all of us.”