Six N Charlotte Toyota tips for safer driving in the rain

driving in the rainDoes driving in the rain bring you big-time anxiety? You’re not alone – it makes a lot of drivers nervous. Rainy conditions make the road slippery, and collisions are more likely because of the lack of traction and also because people don’t know how to properly alter their driving habits when the skies turn dark. Toyota of N Charlotte is here to share six tips for safer driving in the rain to put your mind at ease and help you hit the road with confidence, no matter the weather outside!

Use these N Charlotte Toyota tips to drive confidently in wet weather

Tip #1: Be prepared ahead of time. This means checking the weather, but this N Charlotte Toyota tip doesn’t take a whole lot of effort. You can use the Entune technology found in so many of our cars that allows real-time and predictive weather to be at your fingertips. This can help get you in the right mindset to take on slick roads!

Tip #2:  Make sure your ride can handle it. Is your car prepped properly for driving in the rain? You’ll need fully inflated tires with the proper amount of tread, as well as working headlights and windshield wipers that are in good condition. You’ll also want full stopping power when the roads are wet, so make sure your brakes are up to par. Our N Charlotte Toyota service center can help you with all of this!

Tip #3: Use the lights on your car. When it’s raining, you should turn on your headlights, even if it’s daytime. This will help other cars see you better. However, headlights aren’t the only lights you should be using when driving in the rain. Be sure to use your turn signals accordingly, and ensure that your brake lights are in working condition so other drivers are aware of your movements.

Tip #4: Keep your field of vision clear and stay focused. Use those wipers when driving in the rain to keep your windshield clear at all times, and stay focused on the road! That means putting away distractions like your cell phone, makeup, etc. and keeping your eyes where they need to be – on the situation surrounding you.

Take it slow when roads are slippery

Tip #5: Slow down… everything. When it’s raining, you need to slow down your movements altogether. Drop your speed to the speed limit and if visibility is bad, drop your speed even lower so you have full control over your car. Also remember to gently apply brakes and slowly come to a stop, and also to take turns slowly and smoothly to avoid skidding out.

Tip #6: Put defensive driving into play. Use your best defensive driving skills when driving in the rain – this means always being away of what’s going on around your car so you can react before an accident rather than while it’s happening!

Need to schedule N Charlotte Toyota service to get your ride ready for the rain, or want more safety tips? Call us today at (888) 378-1214. We’re just off I-77 at exit 23!

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