The Get with Morgan Fogarty: Christian McCaffrey

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Christian McCaffrey’s been described as the “Swiss Army Knife” of football players: he can do a lot of different things on offense and special teams. He’s also said in the past, he doesn’t think people give him credit for his skills and talent.

WCCB News @ Ten anchor Morgan Fogarty asked him, “You were the 8th pick this year in the draft. Is that vindication for you?” McCaffrey replied, “I mean, no. There’ll always be a chip on my shoulder. Every athlete has something that drives them or fuels their fire.”

McCaffrey grew up in Colorado, surrounded by star athletes. His dad, a three-time Super Bowl winning pro football player, his grandfather, an Olympian. But the natural born athlete from Stanford University said this when Fogarty asked him if he has a hidden talent: “I play the piano. I don’t know if it’s hidden, but that’s kind of my only other talent.”

“Do you play it well?”

“I play it well. I’m OK. I wouldn’t be playing at Nordstrom’s but, unless they ask me to. But I’m OK.”

“How long have you played?”

“I actually started playing my freshman year of high school. My next door neighbor, he’s my older brother’s best friend, he played really well and he told me that’s how you get girls. So I started playing, but that all went aside and I actually really started liking it and do it as a hobby now.”

Fogarty asked, “OK, so the obvious question: do you have a girlfriend?”

McCaffrey answered, “I won’t answer that on-camera.”

Fogarty asked him for a couple quick, instant reactions to a handful of topics, including social media: “I run all my accounts,” to concussions: “Every football player knows it comes with the game and it is what it is,” to this:

“Cam Newton?”


“Cam Newton’s fashion?”


“Bench press?”


Fogarty said, “‘Cause you took some heat for that in the combine, right?” He said, “Yeah. I just told ’em, when they bring the bench press out onto the field on third and 8, you can take me out. Until then, I like where I’m at.”

And we had to ask: there’s a picture floating around the Internet of McCaffrey at Super Bowl 50, wearing a Broncos jersey. Fogarty asked, “Of all the teams to end up at, the Panthers, is that the universe’s sense of humor? What do you think of all that?” McCaffrey answered, “Definitely. I want to kick my, I was wearing a Broncos jersey. But yeah. It’s crazy how that works. my dad obviously played there nine years and he was working for them at the time and he’s the one that got me the tickets, so I felt obliged. But looking back, it is what it is. But as soon as I got the call, I’m a fan of one team, and that’s the Carolina Panthers.”