Remember these tips when walking in North Charlotte

Safe pedestrian habits Do you enjoy taking the occasional stroll? Or maybe you’re an avid walker and prefer it to driving. Whether you walk daily or it’s once in a blue moon, you should always be aware of things to do to maintain your pedestrian safety. That’s why we’re here! We don’t only offer advice on safe driving tips, we’ve assembled some of the best pedestrian safety tips you should follow.

Stay safe on North Charlotte sidewalks

Walk on the sidewalks

It might seem obvious, but walking on the sidewalk is one of the easiest ways to prevent yourself from getting hurt. To ensure pedestrian safety in North Charlotte, sidewalks are off to the side and away from the flow of traffic. Be sure to check and see if people who are going in your direction are sticking to one side of the sidewalk. If so, be sure to follow the flow of pedestrian traffic

It might seem tempting to hop off it for a second to pass an extremely slow-moving group, but it’s not worth the possible consequence. So remember, always walk on the sidewalk.

Don’t listen to music too loudly

It might seem fun to walk down the street listening to your favorite songs. However, if you listen to them too loud, it might put your pedestrian safety in jeopardy. If you’re distracted by the music and can’t hear anything except that, you might not things like the honk of a horn or ring of a bicycle bell.

No texting while walking

The same way that you wouldn’t text while driving, you shouldn’t text while walking. This can limit your awareness of the things going on around you in North Charlotte, so you may not be able to react to situations in the way that you should.

Use these pedestrian safety tips while walking

Cross at the crosswalks

These are the safest points for you to cross the street. So even if you have to walk a little further away from your destination to use a crosswalk, do so. This helps keep you safe as a pedestrian in North Charlotte.

Always double check for oncoming traffic

As a safety precaution, we always suggest checking traffic before crossing the street, even if the sign at the crosswalk says it’s ok. By checking, you’re adding one more layer of safety to keep you unharmed while walking.

Make adjustments when walking at night

North Charlotte has a ton of nightlife available at your disposal. When taking in some nighttime entertainment or activities, be sure you are aware of what you need to do when walking. We recommend carrying a flashlight and wearing light or reflective clothing if possible.

Are you looking for more tips to stay safe when commuting in North Charlotte? You can visit our website to learn more about everything from pedestrian safety to how to avoid distracted driving. You can also call our expert staff for more advice! Our phone number is (888) 883-3797.

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