Drive safely during school traffic in North Charlotte

Toyota driving safetyYou may have noticed that traffic is a little bit heavier these days. That’s because school is back in session! You may find yourself dreading your daily commute even more thanks to the increase in traffic, but the doesn’t mean you should forget about your safe driving skills! Toyota of North Charlotte is here to give you back to school safe driving tips that’ll keep you safe.

Remember to drive safely in North Charlotte

There are plenty of things you have to be aware of when you’re driving in order to stay safe. Here are our top tips to make sure you have a safe driving experience, and those around you stay safe as well.

Drive defensively

Just because you may be frazzled thanks to all of the school traffic in North Charlotte, that doesn’t mean forget your safe driving abilities! Make sure you are following defensive driving tips to make sure you can react in case someone isn’t paying as much attention as you are.

Stay alert

When you’re driving through a school zone, there are tons of things happening at once. You need to make sure you can react to any situation that may arise, so be sure to do away with the distractions. Toyota of North Charlotte suggests:

  • Not listening to loud music
  • Never texting while driving
  • Put on your makeup before you leave the house or when you arrive at your destination
  • Never eat while driving

Safe driving tips to keep school zones safe

Make sure your car is prepped properly

If you’re a member of the community back to school carpool, you’ll want to make sure that your car is fully equipped. That doesn’t just mean a spot for the after school snacks. If your children or the ones you are taking to school as part of the carpool need car seats or booster seats make sure you have the right type based on their age and weight.

Know how fast you’re going

When you’re entering a school zone, always be sure to check road signs to make sure you are going at the proper speed. When it is time for school arrival and dismissal, a school zone speed will be in effect, which is more than likely slower than what you are used to. So always make sure you know your speed!

Are you looking for more North Charlotte safe driving tips? Make sure to visit our website! We have a ton of tips to make sure you have a safe and enjoyable driving experience no matter what the traffic patterns may be.

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Driving tips from Toyota of North Charlotte