The Get with Morgan Fogarty: Thomas Davis Pt. 1

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Thomas Davis is, by any measure, a good man. He gives his all on the field, sacrificing his body for the game he loves, over and over again. He is a devoted husband to Kelly and father to Skyy, Denim, TJ, and Maddie. And Davis doesn’t just lend his name to a charity; he does the charity work.

But this season, some fans turned on the beloved player. He talked with me about it in his home last week. Davis says, “It was weird hearing, listening, reading some of the stuff that those people were saying, like, I think I got called a snake.”

Thomas Davis, a snake? Some disgruntled fans were convinced that he, and Greg Olsen, led the charge to have embattled Carolina Panthers General Manager Dave Gettleman fired in an effort to secure new contracts. As Davis has said before, players don’t control front office decisions. And on the flip side, says WCCB News @ Ten anchor Morgan Fogarty, “If you had been cut, the reaction would have been three times as strong people would have been furious.” Davis says, “I would hope so, but you know, just from reading some of the comments, you would think that some of the people that were making those comments don’t even want me or Greg on the team anymore.”

Bad news for those people. Good news for everyone else. Davis resigned a one year deal worth a reported $6.75 million. He tells Fogarty he will retire a Panther, 100 percent. And after? “I feel like I’ve been around here for so long, and I feel like I still have so much to offer to the organization. I mean, I really, in my heart and my mind, feel I’m gonna forever and always be part of this organization. So what better way to cement that than to continue to work for the organization in some capacity when I’m done?”

But for now, Davis is focused on football, and something far bigger than sports. Over the past few days, he’s been more outspoken, more public, about one topic in particular: Colin Kaepernick’s protests against racial inequality. Fogarty asked, “Are you worried when people say, (and) I’ve seen some of the tweets back to you in particular, they’ll say things like, ‘Well, you’ve just lost a fan. I’m not gonna buy your jersey anymore.’ Does that bother you?”

Davis answers that question, and more, very candidly, tonight, after the game, in part two of our interview.