Many Still Seek Help As Tornado Cleanup Continues In A NC Town

HUDSON, NC — It’s been more than a week since a tornado roared through Hudson in Caldwell County, and there’s been little to no help from state and federal agencies. Damaged neighborhoods are still very much in need.

You can still see, clear as day, the path cut by a tornado that struck a week ago Sunday. Insurance will cover many of the home repairs, but some of the victims don’t have insurance and will be left to their own devices.

Matt is one of those uninsured homeowners and says, “We have a…had a two bay garage that was completely off the foundation. Ripped off the side of the house. About a third of the house roof off the back was ripped off from the tin to the rafters.”

Plus, the monstrous fallen trees that didn’t crash into homes have taken out fences and power lines, and still cover yards in the tornado’s path.

They’ll need to be cut and moved. That process won’t be covered by insurance either, but volunteers have been stepping up to help.

Bethel Colony of Mercy in Lenoir has a group of men who started cleaning up a home and property today.

Sam anderson says, “It’s amazing what a tornado can do to a home. When we got there, half of the building was gone. There was debris everywhere. Trees were down. It was quite an experience.”

People are also going to the Caldwell County Emergency Management Office, offering to help the victims.

Pastor Paul Pruitt says, “We got some men who are working on changing their life, and they like giving back and helping.”

If you are in need of help, please call 828-222-3975. If you get a voicemail, leave your name and number.