Granite Falls Hit Hard By Storm

GRANITE FALLS, NC —  Parts of Grace Chapel Road in Caldwell County will be closed again Wednesday as power crews continue to repair lines, and replace poles destroyed by the storm.

We went out with crews to assess the damage left behind in Granite Falls.

“For about eight minutes, it was pure hell,” says Granite Falls resident Boyd Yunt.

Long time residents in Granite Falls say the damage left behind by Monday’s storms may be worse than what they suffered during Hurricane Hugo.

Yunt and his wife bunkered down in a closet while the tornado hit. Now he’s running a generator. The power is out. The pole that brought a line to his house is just gone.

“We’ve got 30 or 40 trees down,” says Yunt. “And, maybe, some damage to our house. We don’t know how much yet. We’re waiting on an appraiser.”

“This turned all the trees into splinters, and it it’ll take forever that to recover,” says Granite Falls resident Nancy Prushinski.

Prushinski has lived here for more than 40 years. She got an alert on her cell phone while watching television.

“And then I heard a big boom, and it was sort of white and swirly outside, like debris blowing through the air,” says Prushinski. “It knocked the gutter off the back of my house when a tree fell. So I told my dog that we better go downstairs then, and we did.”

Crews are still assessing all the damage. At least 150 structures were hit by the storm.

“Top priority today has been gaining access to that 10% that we weren’t able to last night,” says Chief Bryan Edwards with the Grace Chapel Fire Department.

First responders are out with saw crews and heavy equipment from NC DOT, clearing roads and removing debris.

But all things considered, it could have been much worse.

“We’ve had no injuries,” says Chief Edwards. “We’ve had a few medical calls, but they’ve been minor. Safety of the citizens and our responders has been great.”

Caldwell County Sheriff’s officers are escorting residents in and out of the Grace Chapel Road area as needed, while crews work to get things back to normal as soon as possible.