National Weather Service Confirms Tornado At Hickory Regional Airport

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On Wednesday, the National Weather Service in Greenville-Spartanburg announced that an EF2 tornado did touch down Monday evening at the Hickory Regional Airport based on their preliminary findings.

Initially, the tornado was very narrow, with damage localized to the one hangar.  The tornado downed some trees in Winkler Park, then continued northeast straddling the Caldwell/Catawba County line.

While weakening to EF1, the tornado widened to almost 3/4 mile, with damage on either side of Lake Hickory in both counties. Significant tree damage occurred with hundreds of trees downed, many on houses, cars, and other structures. Additional tree damage occurred outside the tornado’s path due to widespread intense straight-line winds.

The tornado turned left, narrowed, and straddled the Alexander/Caldwell County line, again resulting in mainly tree damage but with some structural damage from falling trees. The tornado shifted back northeast, finally weakening and lifting just south of the Alexander/Wilkes County line, west of Highway 16.

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Photos Courtesy Hickory Regional Airport

HICKORY, NC — Officials at the Hickory Regional Airport say two hangers were severely damaged after a tornado is believed to have touched down during Monday’s severe weather.

The tornado reportedly touched down between 4:30 and 5pm on the north ramp of the airport, according to officials. Several planes and vehicles were also damaged during the incident.

Officials say no one was injured and the airport is open. Damage assessments are still underway at the airport, as well as other areas throughout the city.

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