Spill at Food Waste Facility Causing Bad Odor in North Charlotte

CHARLOTTE, NC – A foul smell is causing problems in North Charlotte.

People who work near a waste to energy plant say it’s hard to breathe around the bad odor.

“For the last week we’ve just been having horrendous odors in this area. Almost to the point that it’s nauseating,” explains Mitchell Carpenter, who works nearby.

The smell is hard to avoid along West Craighead Road near North Graham Street.

“It gags you when you get out of the car. The smell stays in your car, stays in your clothes,” Mitchell says.

A spokesperson for the county says Orbit Energy on Johnson Road notified them of the spill on Tuesday.

The facility converts food waste into energy. According to county officials, earlier this week a storage tank overflowed, causing the very bad odor throughout the area.

“And obviously if you work here, you’re smelling this the entire time you’re here, whether you’re here eight hours, 10 hours, or whatever,” Mitchell says.

Then Thursday investigators with Mecklenburg County Air Quality confirmed the company is in violation of the local odor ordinance.

According to the county, Orbit Energy has hired a company to clean up the spill and replace the top layer of soil.

They hope to have the work competed by the end of the weekend.

According to the county, there were not any toxic or hazardous materials involved in the spill.