The League: New Members Only Dating App in CLT

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – 25-year-old Nick Villanova is looking for that special someone. He says he wants “Definitely somebody who can make me laugh, that’s like #1.”

He’s hoping a new dating app called The League will lead him to long term love. He says, “The app isn’t instant gratification. You have have to put some work into it, which is, good things come when you put in hard work.”

What sets The League apart, is it’s selectivity. Users have to submit to an application review process, have to submit multiple pictures, and they’ve gotta have a LinkedIn profile. “Probably the most attractive thing about this app is just matching based on career. And just someone who’s ambitious,” says Villanova.

The League launched a few years ago in San Francisco. Then New York City. Then Los Angeles. This month, The League launched in Charlotte and Raleigh.

“Charlotte beat Raleigh,” says founder and CEO Amanda Bradford. She continues, “I had my money on Raleigh, as a Chapel Hill girl, but Charlotte came in really strong.”

WCCB News @ Ten anchor Morgan Fogarty asked Bradford, “Your critics would say this is so ‘boujee.’ What do you say to them?” Bradford replied, “I say to them, I bet the company you work for, the school you went to, you should call them the same names then. I like to say we’re selective, we have standards. We have a minimum bar we want people to hit and we’re kind of uncompromising about that.”

The wait list to get into The League in Charlotte is more than four thousand people long. Users can sign up for free – and wait – or pay to have their applications reviewed faster. Once you’re in, you’ll get your matches – the league calls them “batches” – at 5 PM every day.

And yes: “We do have in the dozens of celebrities. So we have a lot athletes, we have a lot of writers and musicians,” says Bradford.

Villanova was accepted into The League a week ago. He’s carefully reviewing his matches. And hoping his single status changes soon. He says, “I need to settle down at some point,” and, “In the south, everyone settles down at 21, so I’m getting older.”

The League will likely launch next in Indianapolis. Other upcoming cities include Detroit, and Charleston.