Christmas Has Come Early In Huntersville Thanks To A… Cone-Weed?

HUNTERSVILLE, NC — A resilient weed growing in Huntersville is attracting visitors in search of the Christmas spirit.

It may not be Huntersville’s answer to the 30 Rock Christmas tree, but the cone weed is reminiscent of Charlie Brown’s modest sprout.

Just across the street from the Huntersville Fire Department, this busy crook in the road has become a focal point of the community

Kelly Bayne lives right around the corner and has noticed it since it first sprung through the hole on top of the cone. It’s changed within the last two weeks, though.

Kelly says, “It started with the tinsel and the lights. And then, it slowly progressed to these little things and gifts.”

Now the cone weed has it’s own Facebook page and shirt.

The fire department has teamed up with Hope Match Charity to sell those shirts to make money for working families during the holidays as well.

They provide a full Christmas for over a hundred families throughout the community. Then they follow up with them throughout the year.

Proving you don’t have to be a big tree to inspire a lot of Christmas spirit.