Pit Bull Bites Lancaster Bus Driver After Chasing Student To The Bus

LANCASTER, SC — A bus driver received minor injuries after being bit by a pit bull that chased a student onto the bus Wednesday morning.

Officials say the bus was picking up a student on JB Denton Road when she began screaming while a pit bull charged at her from a neighbor’s home. The girl threw her book bag at the dog and boarded the bus.

The unrestrained dog and its owner then approached the bus, according to reports, and the dog managed to slip through the door before the driver could get it closed. Officials say the driver was bit on the elbow, but no children were injured.

The driver was treated for minor injuries. Lancaster County Animal Control is investigating the matter.

Bryan Vaughn, the safety and transportation director for Lancaster County School District says, “Our bus driver, who is in her first year, did an excellent job in protecting our students. We appreciate her quick response.”

Vaughn says the incident highlights the many hidden dangers drivers face on a daily basis, as well as the importance of their job.